Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2012

Is it me who gets paranoid over time of hard work or is it just true that Michael Kors seems to be a little copycat? Surely, each single designer has his/her own vision. This creative thought that leads to the final outcome of a collection. But taking a closer look at Kors’ Pre-Fall for the next year, the only source of inspiration I can see is clearly coming from McQueen. 
Not that I would dare to put Kors and McQueen into one file but how do McQueenish details and McQueenish signatures appear in a Kors-collection if not for a pure copy-cat-intention?  I’ve always been a great fan of Kors. Young, cool, yet absolutely established. But why designing exactly similar details and using similar (if not the same) elements and materials like Burton has done? 
Okay, I understood: Broad belts and long back with a short front for dresses and skirts seem to hit next year’s trends even more. I also got that lace and leather don’t seem to go out of fashion. But what is it with those suspiciously similar long fury skirts, and S&M details? Was that needed? If you’d ask me personally.. I’d say no. Yeah, nice and fine designs. Just not really hitting my heart. A little cute, a little sexy, a little lame, a little repetitive. 
Come on, Kors… you can do better than that


  1. wow, quite refreshingly ambitious of him

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  3. Now that you make me think, it's sad...I don't think that Kors should act like this.
    Come to visit my blog and if you wan let's follow each other!

  4. Michael Kors project is so great - love his handcuffs from a/w 2011 and prefall blue dress! Thanks for comment! I follow:)


  5. OMG the first red dress is DIVINE. I WANT THAT!


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