Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

Remaining favourite: Gucci Resort 2012

It's been a while that the resort collections have been released (and talking in fashion-terms, it's very close to be out of focus - OMG pre-fall 12 is already on radar) but looking at Gucci's resort for the first time was like going through Brother's Grimm fairytale Mother Hulda. Dressing the models in loads of gold and glitter, most of them reminded me of a modern version of the Golden Mary.
However, Mother Hulda did not seem to be the main inspiration and possibly this just keeps a personal impression. Again, coloured snake print as well as its natural version plus zebra seem to play the accessory part while fluo yellow and red appear as the rivals-to-replace.
Not only does fluo a great job in accessories, it also comes on straight cut skirts and jackets, which now and then let out the spacy goldie mary inside that mixed fairytale. Main colours of Gucci's styling remain timeless and  appear elegant but not too matchy matchy. My absolute favourite? Kasia Struss wearing that classy, white blouse in combination to a short but clear cut blazer and a pleats-skirt, which FINALLY comes in a shorter version! I really don't want to talk about the-skirt-length-that-kisses-the-floor-is-so-old conclusion of myself again, but let me just thank God that this trend is not adapted again (at least in this collection). I still  find it hard to believe that women in good shape find themselves sexy/beautiful/attractive/breathtaking/chic/uberstylish/so cool in those recent skirts-to-wear, so I decided being one of the few female human (blogging) beings not even dreaming of buying such an awfully alternative skirt.At least not before I recognise that my knees are aging and my legs are growing fat (and I don't have the buget to let some surgeon work on them - let's keep it honest).
Overall, Gucci has shown that simplicity is the mother of sophistication - and I hope that Zara & Co. will recognise all those great stylings so that I will soon be able to head out and buy the cheaper versions of those inspirational picks. The things I recently saw are already going into that direction but still are not reaching the exact copy I'm looking for. 


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