Freitag, 16. September 2011

Hervé Léger SS2012

As New York Fashionweek kicked off the past days and as I was in a private hurry which didn't let me browse through the world wide web for longer than 10 minutes a day (what a record of myself), I'm a little delayed with all that commenting on different shows. Therefore I thought about giving my favourites the only go and so here we are with my ever keeping love to Hervé Léger by Max Azria.  It's no secret that I'm completely in love his bodycon dresses, which are so well known that I doubt you wouldn't identify one once it passes your way wherever you are. 
Azria's simple but sexy mixture of creating those bandage dresses without letting them appear cheap by any means always kept me looking out for a more inexpensive version (which I'm still looking out for today - I guess there's just a little chance to copy those masterpieces in an acceptable way).  However, it will be hard to find a Hervé Léger-like piece of next year's spring/summer collection since they appear to be unexpected as expected.  
Surely, the bandage body consciousness was kept as we expected. But the details and elements changed. From simplicity we come to glamourous twists made out of shiny details and golden/silver colours. It seems as if Azria went into the more luxurious way while keeping it powerful and sexy. As another unexpected detail, some quilling-like ends for some of his dresses were added, which (to me) let them appear even more feminine. The symbiosis of slight S&M like details underlined with simple black and a leather-like appearance together with those playful quillings bring a new, vibrant and interesting attitude into the whole collection. Bear in mind that all those dresses are made of one specific material and still they all look different while presenting its own attitude. Consequently the darker colours to the point of black demonstrate the fierce, rock-alike chic while warmer shades like golden glitter represent a glamorous way to style yourself up. Cold silver and white combined together with golden embellishments stand for an innocent but reserved snow princess and tribal ikat-prints are more the edgy and casual version of a woman who knows how to dress herself but doesn't want to go into more styling.
One of the best parts of the collection? The way the girls were styled beside from putting on those master pieces. The minimal make up and a strict, pure hair-do...I just LOVE it. There is no better play between feminine sexy and pure strictness! 
The only questionable thing? The shoes. Those gladiator like things give the impression that all the models had a bad car accident that led to some serious leg injuries.  But beside this (and I guess we are all able to ignore those mistakes on their feet) there is nothing left to tell than Meenal Mistry's comment on

No one ever said that being tough precluded luxury.

So true. 

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Vogue Fashion's Night Out Düsseldorf

Last week was Vogue Fashion's Night Out again and as I'm currently in Germany I couldn't resist to at least have a short look on what VFNO in Düsseldorf offers. I'm honest: I've been not expecting a lot. It's always a thing with Germany and being fashionable as the average is far away from dressing good (and even those who might be into fashion like loads of other bloggers don't really get me). Nevertheless I went to APROPOS, which is an exclusive concept store that has provided an unmistakable and unique luxury shopping experience since it exists. A store like Apropos seems to be one of the few strong, lovable rays of light on the German fashion horizon and whenever I'm in Cologne or Düsseldorf my way also leads to Apropos... just for a little sneak peek ... or a little shopping acquirement ;). I was just 8 when I went into Apropos in Cologne for the first time, accomplishing my mother who is a faithful customer. So no wonders we went there for VFNO. 
Despite that I fell in love with half of the things hanging there (Tom Ford coats for the upcoming season, e.g.), I got mentioned at the Online Magazine of Apropos. I felt so honored to be asked whether a picture of me could be taken and I even got surprised when I visited the blog of Apropos' online store,, and saw myself on the newsfeed and with an own blog entry.
A special thanks to Yasmin Robert, who kindly asked me for a picture. 

For the full blog entry, visit 
For APROPOS blog, visit
and for APROPOS online store, visit 

For this occasion I wore a jacket bought by my beloved aunt from Zara, a top by H&M, jeans by Cheap Monday and  my alltime-crush Balenciaga bag. 

Freitag, 9. September 2011

Lulu Vibes F/W 11/12

So here's Lulu Vibes again with its fall/winter collection for this year. A little late that I'm writing about it but since I just mentally picked my favourites, I thought about sharing this over here.
I'm simply impressed by all this creativity again - hoping that I would have such one day (which I somehow doubt).
Lined with lamb fur and decorated with accessories like Swarovski stones those shoes are just killing it for the colder season (please come soon! I can't stand this weather any longer).
Beside the fact that you can never know what comes next at Lulu Vibes collections, I can tell that the model Mountain Pleasure has really surprised me. It's plain in comparison to the rest but that's what it makes it so special. I can imagine myself wearing those to my Dirndl or just to a simple outfit, which would get that natural twist with this model.
Or what about wearing Chrystal Fur to a nice evening dress just like the model is wearing them on the page of Lulu Vibes? The black in black with its huge Swarovski stones adds that decisive, glamorous something. What additionally comes into my mind while talking about combining some of those Lulus to a party/evening outfit is the fact that they are all so comfy (which most of my high heels are not). I knew that they have that ergonomic sole that helps the foot to find its "right" position in the shoes but I didn't know that it would be that noticeable. I wore them the whole fashionweek in Berlin back in summer and I was lucky in comparison to other ladies suffering from blisters and other dramatic injuries of their unfortunate footwear.
This time the designer of Lulu Vibes, Luisa Lange, seems to have put a lot of effort into her collection: 10 different models, which are all representing another "theme" as their names reveal. Major Tom seems cool and perfect for casual outfits while Snowflakes are definitely the shoes for a typical winter-day (the white with its crystals and the giraffe print ..supercute).
And my personal favourites? Golden SpotChrystal Fur and Forest Girl. It's hard to name just three but those ones have already imaginary contributed to outfits. Golden Spot to my leather trousers by Ted Baker, Chrystal Fur to a partydress (just repeating what I've been already saying) and Forest Girl to my fur jacket on a lovely fall day.
(from left to right) Quilted Giraffe, Golden Spot, Major Tom, Chrystal Fur
Forest Girl, Snowflakes, Ibiza Sunset

Dienstag, 6. September 2011

Claudia, Cindy, Linda, Naomi, Natalia...

I'm a 90s kid. There are loads of facts that lead to this confession beside from the year I was born. And when all of those names in my headline were actually those of the absolute queens of the runway, I surely just began to walk, talk or even received my first pair of shoes. However, there is something in all of those amazonian beauties that still captures me.
There are no such ladies like those. No such comments like "We don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day". And no such a statement look like they transformed it. Whether on the runway or on various editorials. There's just something today which I really miss. It's all of that appearance they brought with them. A huge ego, a specific attitude, an outstanding body shape (which just can be God's way to say that he's loving women) and a natural sexappeal. They had it all! Where are those times when (top-)models were someone? When Linda Evangelista was the absolute styling-queen and Claudia was Karl's latest muse while giving hope that the average"beauty" in Germany could grow to new standards? Not that Claudia doesn't still seem to be Karl's absolute favourite - but I'm asking who should ever replace them. And why someone like Claudia, meanwhile married mommy of three kids, or any other of them just doesn't get out of business, style and fashion. Where have the standards of supermodels gone? Are we supposed to call every barbie clone of the Victoria's Secret clan a "super"model? For what? Having big boobs, a nice butt and nothing to wear but a million dollar bra? The so called "Super Models" nowadays seem all so replaceable. And not challenging at all. Today's main condition: Dull, boring. Today's main challenge: Shutting up the mouth, breathing into a camera and then just move and bye.
This attitude would have never happened to someone like Christy Turlington. Or Helena Christensen. Or Naomi, who now and then still shows a clear, sharp and ...huffy... attitude towards everything not relating to her job (which in fact means everything that has to do with paparazzi taking unfair pictures in private moments of life (don't you dare oh oh) and stewardesses asking dumb question. They sound ridiculous with all of their attitudes, comments and fisticuffs. But I somehow miss such personalities in the model area. Thanks to mother nature and possibly botox (but of course more of mother nature) we are all still able to gaze at those goddesses but what comes after them? There are just a few that could follow. Still not in the same footsteps but there are some who can leave some other remarkable ones (hopefully).
I can't say it without laughing about myself since it's a little ridiculous but: I miss the 90s. I wish I would have been already living a bit earlier. All those women are a real inspiration.
* I deliberately let out Miss Moss since she's the absolute exception of all beauty standards that have been existing the time she was setting her heroin chic. She just doesn't fit into what I'm describing over there although she's also having a statement look and although she's my definite evergreen. Just like Claudia is to Karl.  Kate is an inspiration for what she's wearing and  doing (letting out her little coke-pas at P. Doherty's studio). And although she was heralding a new, at the beginning (!) unpleasant modeling era, she remains the only one who perfectly transforms the look. So at the end of the day, she's also someone with an attitude. Just different from the 90s beauties and their Amazonian figures. 
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