Freitag, 9. September 2011

Lulu Vibes F/W 11/12

So here's Lulu Vibes again with its fall/winter collection for this year. A little late that I'm writing about it but since I just mentally picked my favourites, I thought about sharing this over here.
I'm simply impressed by all this creativity again - hoping that I would have such one day (which I somehow doubt).
Lined with lamb fur and decorated with accessories like Swarovski stones those shoes are just killing it for the colder season (please come soon! I can't stand this weather any longer).
Beside the fact that you can never know what comes next at Lulu Vibes collections, I can tell that the model Mountain Pleasure has really surprised me. It's plain in comparison to the rest but that's what it makes it so special. I can imagine myself wearing those to my Dirndl or just to a simple outfit, which would get that natural twist with this model.
Or what about wearing Chrystal Fur to a nice evening dress just like the model is wearing them on the page of Lulu Vibes? The black in black with its huge Swarovski stones adds that decisive, glamorous something. What additionally comes into my mind while talking about combining some of those Lulus to a party/evening outfit is the fact that they are all so comfy (which most of my high heels are not). I knew that they have that ergonomic sole that helps the foot to find its "right" position in the shoes but I didn't know that it would be that noticeable. I wore them the whole fashionweek in Berlin back in summer and I was lucky in comparison to other ladies suffering from blisters and other dramatic injuries of their unfortunate footwear.
This time the designer of Lulu Vibes, Luisa Lange, seems to have put a lot of effort into her collection: 10 different models, which are all representing another "theme" as their names reveal. Major Tom seems cool and perfect for casual outfits while Snowflakes are definitely the shoes for a typical winter-day (the white with its crystals and the giraffe print ..supercute).
And my personal favourites? Golden SpotChrystal Fur and Forest Girl. It's hard to name just three but those ones have already imaginary contributed to outfits. Golden Spot to my leather trousers by Ted Baker, Chrystal Fur to a partydress (just repeating what I've been already saying) and Forest Girl to my fur jacket on a lovely fall day.
(from left to right) Quilted Giraffe, Golden Spot, Major Tom, Chrystal Fur
Forest Girl, Snowflakes, Ibiza Sunset


  1. those clogs are so stylish!

  2. whoa! clogs galore! not excatly a fan, but I can definitely say they're a scene-stealer!

  3. lovely blog.. following u now :)


  4. i didnt like it at first sight , but when seeing it with entire look , i find it scary yet wearable

  5. lovely photos! i love this shoes! i follow you, follow me back!

  6. nice post!! :) can´t love it more!

  7. Erm, not too crazy about the shoes! But love the models!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. These clogs are gorgeous! I would buy them all!
    Sara C.

  9. stylish, stylish, stylish!!

    style roulette

  10. wow these are very cool! i love the swarovski's and the different decorations on each clog!

  11. hrmmm. ich steh eigentlich ga rnich auf clogs... aber die schwarzen mit den edelsteinen sehen schon ziemlich cool aus **

  12. i dont like them hahah:P i dont know,
    i kinda like them for shoots
    but not for myself!

    Thanks for the lovely comment babe!

    New outfitpost - aztec print

  13. this is soo cool... congrats darling...


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