Dienstag, 1. November 2011

Why so serious, London Halloween?

As I already wrote in my last post - Halloween in London is just simply insane. You suppose not everyone to be that party-encouraged when it's actually Monday but as we stood in front of Cirque Du Soir ... this tourned out to be a complete naive thought. It seems as if half of this city was trying to get into that club and I'm still impressed how my whole outfit has survived that hell of dodging, pushing and just being in the middle of hundreds of people (those 4 pounds vampire teeth were a good investment).
Next time, I stay at home rather than bitching at other people and pushing myself near to the entry of Cirque.
How is it said? You learn from mistakes. Still the night was quite funny thanks to all of the people surrounding me. I guess you can even stand in the middle of nowhere (or a crowded club entry) and still have a good time.


  1. Booo. Spooky Halloween costumes. Well done.


  2. The costumes are all so fabulous, hope you had a wonderful halloween.

    Eda ♥


  3. Why so serious, honey? lol... Well, it was bad here in Singapore too... The clubbers had no clubbing ethics at all and kept infiltrating our space with hair shaking and wet backs and booties... gross. But we still had fun coz it's fun talking to other characters in their character state.

  4. OMG, lovin' your make-up! So creative!

  5. loving all the costumes!!!! :D
    theyre all so fun!


  6. omg great photos!! looks like you had a wonderful night. i love your blog, so i'm your new follwer now:)


  7. Wow! These are some scary costumes!!
    Check out my blog if you want and tell me what you think! www.sofiasfashiondiaries.com


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