Sonntag, 13. November 2011

Victoria's Secret 2011

My third post about Victoria's Secret since this blog exists.
And what to say about it? I'm once again feeling a little relieved when looking at all those wonderfully dressed angels (just like last year). Looking back at my first post about the annual VS show, which was extremely negative (still agree on each point I've been making), makes me always laugh and think about in what crisis they must have been in 2009. 
This time it's not only like heaven has sent them. It seems as if the ocean has freed some of its most beautiful mermaids and the space has sent us some alienated beauties. Sounds quite exagerrated huh? Just like the whole show itself is.
It's clear: Everything is about diamonds this year (and probably the years before they had their crisis in 2009). And since they are said to be a girl's best friend, I just can agree on the fact that Lily as well as Alessandra (two of my absolute favourites) look simply overwhelming in one of their jewel conscious outfits. And talking about Lily, I have to mention that just from the pictures I'm seeing a huge improvement in the way she presents herself on the runway. Much more open, fresh and just enjoying herself rather than reserved and way too "ready-to-wear".
White Swan meets red riding hood on Jessica Clarke and a little bit of the french revolution finds itself on Isabela Fonti and German Toni Garrn again.
Although I'm not a huge fan of Lima, I have to admit that the "powergirl"-outfit suits her the best. One of the few ones she doesn't look completely cheap in (please note that I'm aware of the fact that she has a bombastic bodyshape but just looking cheap doesn't have anything to do with looking good). Looking cheap doesn't exclude looking good and vice versa.
The butterfly effect pt. 4 seems to be out on another part of the show (so annoying that there's no release so far) and leaves a wonderful spring/summer mood in the colder season of this year. One of the most exciting parts (I suppose) is the performance of Jay Z and Kanye West. Two giants conquering the runway, followed by Nicki Minaj who just perfectly fits into the crazy, colorful atmosphere (I'd love to know what she performed...and guess it's the actual chart-hit "Superbass"). The only thing that immediately came to my eye was the jacket Kanye's wearing. Ugh, Donatella and H&M ... you guys have established a great way to advertise for your collab wherever you can (just to mention that there actually was a full H&M feat. Versace show one day before VS show somewhere else). As I said... clever strategy. Put in every thinkable superstar from hip hop king to teenieflirt and you  get the perfect way to excite the mass out there.
Coming back to the topic of this entry, I just can tell how satisfied it makes me seeing those improvements at Victoria's .. and all the new lovely angels. It seems as if finally some of the mommy-angels retired and left place for fresher faces, like (already mentioned) only 19 years old Garrn. 
However, I have my doubts in Anja Rubik and Karlie Kloss. No typical VS-faces, which can be good but doesn't necessarily has to. Rubik showing off with a way too skinny and bony body and Kloss.... just not having the right face for the show. It is what it is.
The rest of those bodies and faces and hair and just the whole charisma just keeps on motivating myself to work out more often. ;)
The beatuy and joy of this show is brought back to life.
And I can't wait to see it soon (releasing date of the show on CBS is the 29th of November). 


  1. Such an amazing fashion show, Victoria secret's angels are the best models ever!! Nice post!

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  2. its such a gorgeous show!
    so much hype here in australia about it!


  3. jaa genau, sie hat Super Bass performed..und ich fand die Liveacts dieses Jahr zwar gut ausgewählt, aber leider leider klangen sie dann eben live irgendwie doch nicht so gut!? ich finds schade, dass Rosie und Karolina nicht dabei waren und es wundert mich, dass Julia Stegner anscheinend DOCH dabei war? die meinten doch, dass das die erste Show seit Jahren sein wird, in der kein deutsches Model mitläuft. und bzgl Lily kann ich dir nur recht geben: anfangs stimmte das Kopf-Körper-Verhältnis irgendwie nicht, also sie hat versucht, eine Pose zu machen oder sich auf eine gewisse Art zu bewegen, aber so wie sie dachte, es würde aussehen, sah es leider nicht aus. mittlerweile hat sie soo viel Selbstbewusstsein dazu bekommen und bewegt sich echt gut.
    ich habe mir neulich die gaaanz alten FS von 2001 und so angesehen, damals war alles irgendwie so anders.

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  5. wow,amazing photos!

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  7. VS shows are definitely my favorite ones, I'm always looking forward to them, every year!!!! Glam, fabulous, seductive, extremely sexy and playful!!!;)
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  8. Ich liebe Adriana Lima! Tolle Fotos:)

  9. tolle fotos :))


  10. Love love and love! Like always AMAZING!

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  13. omg I can't even describe the beauty of those girls
    I need a new word.

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    So happy I found you,can't wait to explore your blog.


  14. Could those girls be any more perfect?! So glad I came across your blog - can't wait to see what you do next!

  15. i hate that i missed this show! thanks for the pics!


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