Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

I'd choose to wear...

picturecredit: composed by me myself and i oh yes
...if I had all those lovely pieces hanging in my closet, but NO this horrible, unnecessary invention called POLYVORE made me style-hungry, so I wasted my time for hours looking for all those things that result in an outfit (doesn't make any sense at all but oh well). Something I noticed beside the facts that I have way too much time and a low budget? I will never ever be the next Rachel Zoe. And this marketing strategy is pretty awesome since it actually makes all the fashion/blogger/whatsoever - people  consume even more (and let me tell you that I'm already a very serious, bad, aggressive kind of that consumer-kid-species). You just click on all those 10283646484903 pairs of shoes/dresses/bags/jewelries/CLOTHES and a link pops up which shows you where to online-shop your stuff. Evil. Very evil. And so tempting...
Another notable confession resulting from hunting at Polyvore? I'm currently craving for Camilla Skovgaard Heels (which is unusual because I used to hate Scandinavian fashion).

Shades  - Tom Ford Black Nikita (even reduced to 215 Euros on *oh my god*)
Zebra Printed Ring -
Heels - Camilla Skovgaard Black Hammer Studded Sandals (reduced on
Chiffon Longsleeve - T by Alexander Wang (
Leather shorts - Mulberry (
Sunhat - Melissa Odabash Jemima (<- who!?, on
Leather Bracelet - Hermès (
Enamel Bracelet - Hermès (& I still don't have it arrrgh, on
Bag - Balenciaga Velo Classic (on

Samstag, 25. Juni 2011


picturecredit of original pictures:
When I got to see Wildfox White Label's lookbook of this year's fall/winter, I literally clicked myself in rage. Each new picture made me ask myself if they were kidding or triggered a feeling of pure revulsion.
I always predicted Wildfox to be one of those labels I love to look at (when it comes to lookbooks, editorials etc.) but never dare to purchase (please, there are ...more exciting... things to invest in rather than shopping a shirt saying some nonsense like "wildfox no.9").
Nevertheless, their lookbooks always happened to be exciting enough. Not this time. This time, Wildfox has created such a (excuse me) bullshit that it couldn't even be covered with a pretty model, lovely make up and some ok-shirts. It seems as if they wanted to celebrate the 60s/70s again, which normally wouldn't be that bad (although I confess that those atlernative-styled "fashion"people are pretty much pissing me off) but then look at the way they put their stuff in scene. Are you seriously supposed to spend some 100 dollars on an absolute bad manufactured pullover that got ripped off half the way it got shipped over to you and all you can find in your post-box is that floorcloth with a lousy sequins-mushroom & some "used" details!?
Also, I find nothing wrong with fringes and average peace-prints (so reminds me of my time when I was 16) but why producing in such an uncreative overload? Furthermore all of that mushroom, smiley, flowerpower-stuff reminds me more of Fiorucci, that Italian label I used to love in the age of 10, than of an established, independent and cool label. 
Beside the fact that I was never (nor I doubt I will ever be) the type of girl that loves running around with something being badly produced to some "used"-look, I also confess that all of that overloaded hippie-chic was never my thing... at least not when something is more hippie than chic.
However, this is exactly what Wildfox was aiming for and therefore I decided to officially kick this brand out of my "nice to look at" list and wait until they start being creative again.
All you need is money & creativity.
Not love & peace.
(because they won't prevent you from a cheap looking, boring lookbook).

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

Elie Tahari goes Safari

...or at least Creative Director Kobi Halperin who obviously got inspired during his trip to Marrakech as has already reported.
Although I always put myself down as "just not being the attracted-by-turban-caftan-type", I have to confess the opposite now. Those white coloured turbans in combination to airy manufactured dresses and tunics simply caught me and let me consider a future purchase of one new tunic (at least) in one of Tahari's colours.
White and cream as well as tangerine/mustard and a strong, flashy mixture of pinky red build the main colour palette for next year's Resort 2012 collection.
The good meanwhile old snakeprint adds a wild but established detail and oh wonder, comes in colours like a dirty yellow or a dark shade of red. This ultimately reminds me of Dolce and Gabbana's coloured leoprint for this year's fall/winter and therefore reveals that coloured animalpatterns seem to be the advanced version of the current nature-trend. 
Flourishes and other ornaments find themselves on Tahari's tunic/caftan-sleeves again and indicate that oriental twist which seemed to be Halperin's lovely detail for his collection.
Slowly but surely we seem to say goodbye (or at least see you some time again) to colourblocking (thank God) and move to more definite combinations that result tone in tone. Or in a natural-featuring-strong colour combination.
Another material that seems to be so established but still upgradable is jeans and I feel happy to announce that I'm privileged (oh yes) enough to have two oldschool-jeans-jackets ;) (which one of them really is - we celebrate our 11th anniversary this year, which sadly indicates that I haven't grown much since then). While Halperin combines that oldie goldie to similar coloured pants (ring ring ring remember what I've just written about blocking our colours next year/at the end of this year), I would go for something clearer, eventually a white/cream coloured version.
The shoes all come in the same model and attracted me the minute I got to see them. The heel comes as a wedge and is open toed (still not sure if I will ever start liking this but never say never) with beautiful embellishments that eventually were only made for those of us having a fine silhouette that results in flimsy ankles.
I like! 

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Emma Watson's Fashion Leap

I've never been a big fan of Emma Watson. Never. I loved Hermione Granger but I never fell in love with the girl's appearance that played Hermoine and note that this most probably may not be connected to any bitchy jealousy you might suspect while reading this. 
She was just never that type of girl I saw as interesting, outstanding and someone to look up to. Sure, earning as much money as her and being asked by Christopher Bailey, Lancome and just recently US Vogue (just to mention a few) is something to look up to (and for those of us suffering of the disease "jealousy" actually feeling it again). But nevertheless she was just not meeting my sympathies with all of her looks and interviews she gave in the past. 
However, this impression changed today as I got to see those masterpieces by Mario Testino for this month's US Vogue issue. When Emma cut her hair it was like a fashionoligical boom on social networks and other communities to discuss the "absolute incredible step" she's done with her until then unspectacular hair. At that point I already thought of something like "okay, well, good job Emma Watson .. you cut your hair like many girls do and you have a beautiful face which you can surely show to the world" (while some people I know have done the same and unfortunately turned out to be in possession of an amazingly frightening visage).
My mind was literally blown off the moment I visited Vogue's online page and the moment I clicked through the images. She still appears like a little girl to me (maybe because she looks so small in comparison to what and who you normally expect to present designer clothes in Vogue editorials). However, there is something that seems to have changed over time. The way she poses, the way she looks straight into Testino's lense - it all feels perfectly organised, which now and then may remind us of Hermione again. 
She seems to speak so freely and without any thought of what the publicity might think, that it is just simply sympathy-earning reading through Amanda Foreman's article. While comments of  online-readers are positive as well as negative to a 50/50 rate I'd say, it must be something with Emma that she causes quite a stir. "Spoiled brat" would be one of those descriptions that might come up while reading the article (which I thought as well but then reminded myself of not being that unfortunate to say such a stupid thing). Then again, you can feel that she is just like any other 21 years old girl that talks and talks and talks and meanwhile presents some intimate thoughts about love and what she tries to become. Her "non-knowledge"(I know this word doesn't exist)-of-what-will-happen-next brings her back to earth in the beholder's eye and lets us young women as well as men become a little more self-confident. For Emma, it seems as if there's no time for love. No time for private life. No time for partying and doing dumb things you regret later on. But then you read those lines
"I’m a feminist, but I think that romance has been taken away a bit for my generation. I think what people connect with in novels is this idea of an overpowering, encompassing love—and it being more important and special than anything and everything else." (
...and you sit there and think "this might be just some nonsense she tells Amanda" (which it surely is to some extent) but strangely again it's honest, cute, profound and above all very well described. She may be a fighter and a pain in the ass like Hermione but she's much prettier in McQueen and Tom Ford .
I love those shoots and I may overthink my former opinion of Emma. Maybe. 

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011


picturecredit: fashiongonerouge
What happens when Greg Kadel and Daphne Groeneveld work together? A funky photoshoot with a result that rocks. 
Being put in an overload of accessories by Dolce & Gabbana, Proenza Schouler, Prada and other greatnesses, Daphne appears like Barbie who tries to find herself in this year's trends. The focus on accessories gets triggered by its exaggeration and the special effects on the photos themselves that resulted in Numéro's 124th issue underline a girly-gone-mad-mood. Pink and literal white hair appear like candy floss on Daphne's head which builds a great contrast to strong eye-dos and wild mixtures of colours the different accessories bring with them. 
Looking at the pictures over and over again always makes me discover something new, something that builds and adds another, more defined statement and image to the picture.
While she's the Indian burlesque-bride on one photo, she plays the sexy rock-chick with a blue coloured toll on the other. 
From coloured foxtails and other lovely fur details to fish net optic - modern meets cheap and the unexpected seems to be possible again. While I personally prefer leaving out the fish net on my hands as the latest gloves-to-wear, feathers still seem to be a hot and more present than I expected them to be. 
Another notable, "new" accessory: Buttons. Buttons preferably as parts of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Not yet convincing enough to wear them but strong enough to bring out an amazing result.

Hair           by Duffy
Make Up   by Mariel Barrera 

Samstag, 4. Juni 2011

Dsquared² Show @ Life Ball 2011

(...& additional videos)
I'm so behind with all the promised videos and the comment on the show, that there's just the time to put those two things together in one post so that I can move on without any kind of bad feelings.
As I've been already telling in the previous post (Spread the Wings of Tolerance - Life Ball 2011!), this event was outrageous and so was the show with all the artists and celebs.
Designer-brothers Dean and Dan Caten from Dsquared² were chosen to present an exclusive collection in the occasion of Life Ball and with the intention to raise awareness of AIDS.
Seeing this show through the eyes of a guest I can tell that I got completely impressed.
The light, the models, the music - everything appeared to be so perfectly applied to the motto and the ball itself.
However, when it comes to see the collection by itself and without all the special effects, actually done by other artists, there are some things I noticed, which don't seem to be that positive as the whole event appeared to be.
Like the beginning of the show, which was so lame that I hoped for some boom until the end. It felt like a bad bad copy of a Victoria's secret show final just with a model nobody knew (hello, this was Life Ball) and two male models on here side who just went next to her until the runway ended before heading back without any expression or gesture. Not that I'm a model-pro who knows how models should walk but aren't they supposed to do a SHOW? Not a we-are-at-Milan/Paris-serious-Fashionweek but a show in terms of Hey, it's Life Ball - we should celebrate life, be bitchy, crazy, sexy, full of phantasies and DO SOMETHING. The outfits appeared to be okay but not outstanding. Not inspiring, not catchy. Just the average you normally suppose from someone who was just not bothered to create something special
However, this got overshadowed pretty quickly since the Caten brothers then chose (wisely enough) most of the stars to run the rest of the show. Lydia Hearst, Amanda Lepore and some nobodies from Austria and Germany got the chance to present themselves in that exclusive collection. I'm still asking myself why someone like Mr. Giabiconi was not able to participate but oh well, we don't know everything.
Amanda was once again the absolute heroine of the whole show and so was the Eastern European dancing group Kazaky, who definitely danced the show to its climax.  Whoever thought that men and highheels are two things that don't match to each other, has definitely not seen those guys.
The definite detail of the collection were feathers and so I just perfectly fitted into the whole theme. Black wings and a nest on my head - it couldn't have been better!! 
Helmets with black feathered details on top that somehow reminded of those British guardians wear and strict cuts implied a sexy (? still not sure about that) but meanwhile crazy atmosphere that transformed the aforementioned mixture of  Rihanna's SM-phantasies with Victoria's Secret (that always comes shiny and glittery) into a cliché-collection.
The typical underwear Dsquared likes to present over and over again couldn't have been left out, so no wonder that some of our beloved male model angels just ran down in some golden wings and with a pampers-like shorts together with some accessories I haven't noticed yet - loo papers entwining around those trained arms and legs ... I'm not sure whether I could ever take pleasure in this. 
Beside these little questionable "trends" you could have spotted, there is surely the good thing about this whole show and its intention: A limited edition of sneakers designed for this year's ball were created and the profit goes to the CHAI pediatric programme.
I'm already curious who will be the next for Life Ball 2012 and I just can barely wait.  

(all the above listed pictures were taken by Andreas Tischler)


Dsquared rolling over the red carpet

Fashionshow Pt. 1 

Fashionshow Pt. 2

Fashionshow Pt. 3 

Natalia Kills

The Opening

The Opening Pt. 2 

Pegasus ;) 

Vivienne Westwood
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