Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Emma Watson's Fashion Leap

I've never been a big fan of Emma Watson. Never. I loved Hermione Granger but I never fell in love with the girl's appearance that played Hermoine and note that this most probably may not be connected to any bitchy jealousy you might suspect while reading this. 
She was just never that type of girl I saw as interesting, outstanding and someone to look up to. Sure, earning as much money as her and being asked by Christopher Bailey, Lancome and just recently US Vogue (just to mention a few) is something to look up to (and for those of us suffering of the disease "jealousy" actually feeling it again). But nevertheless she was just not meeting my sympathies with all of her looks and interviews she gave in the past. 
However, this impression changed today as I got to see those masterpieces by Mario Testino for this month's US Vogue issue. When Emma cut her hair it was like a fashionoligical boom on social networks and other communities to discuss the "absolute incredible step" she's done with her until then unspectacular hair. At that point I already thought of something like "okay, well, good job Emma Watson .. you cut your hair like many girls do and you have a beautiful face which you can surely show to the world" (while some people I know have done the same and unfortunately turned out to be in possession of an amazingly frightening visage).
My mind was literally blown off the moment I visited Vogue's online page and the moment I clicked through the images. She still appears like a little girl to me (maybe because she looks so small in comparison to what and who you normally expect to present designer clothes in Vogue editorials). However, there is something that seems to have changed over time. The way she poses, the way she looks straight into Testino's lense - it all feels perfectly organised, which now and then may remind us of Hermione again. 
She seems to speak so freely and without any thought of what the publicity might think, that it is just simply sympathy-earning reading through Amanda Foreman's article. While comments of  online-readers are positive as well as negative to a 50/50 rate I'd say, it must be something with Emma that she causes quite a stir. "Spoiled brat" would be one of those descriptions that might come up while reading the article (which I thought as well but then reminded myself of not being that unfortunate to say such a stupid thing). Then again, you can feel that she is just like any other 21 years old girl that talks and talks and talks and meanwhile presents some intimate thoughts about love and what she tries to become. Her "non-knowledge"(I know this word doesn't exist)-of-what-will-happen-next brings her back to earth in the beholder's eye and lets us young women as well as men become a little more self-confident. For Emma, it seems as if there's no time for love. No time for private life. No time for partying and doing dumb things you regret later on. But then you read those lines
"I’m a feminist, but I think that romance has been taken away a bit for my generation. I think what people connect with in novels is this idea of an overpowering, encompassing love—and it being more important and special than anything and everything else." (
...and you sit there and think "this might be just some nonsense she tells Amanda" (which it surely is to some extent) but strangely again it's honest, cute, profound and above all very well described. She may be a fighter and a pain in the ass like Hermione but she's much prettier in McQueen and Tom Ford .
I love those shoots and I may overthink my former opinion of Emma. Maybe. 


  1. Yes, she is something different. In some way she is very special - like she's not about all this pop-culture. And she looks totally beautiful at every public appearance.


  2. Waw she looks amazing ! ways better than in the harry potter-movies :) really nice blog, am following :)

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  4. She looks amazing in these photos.

  5. Nor I was a fan of her as well, nor I think I'll ever be... But she looks magnificent here, really gorgeous pics!! Have a beautiful day my sweetie!!!!

  6. great pictures - it's amazing how she's changed!

  7. A new face for Emma, she's growing up :D Anyway, great pictorial!

  8. it's hard to imagine emma watson in anything other than harry potter but i have to admit she looks STUNNING in these photos very high fashion!

  9. anna darling...u r truly writing well!!! i am totally see ur fashion writer dreams come true in no time!!! great job hunny!!!

    i wont comment on watson coz i dont care much about i didnt even think that much about this shoot...but i loved the previous post ..

    keep writing hunny!~!


  10. She is so beautiful!
    Love your blog!

  11. she looks stunning! such a beautiful young lady now!

    thanks so much for your comment! :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  12. I like her make up and the clothes look stunning
    xoxo Sarah

  13. I love her photo spread! She looks amazing!

    Check out my blog some time at!

  14. oh my gosh, emma is so so amazing!

    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, dear
    I hope I can do my best, I really want to lend my hand and help :)
    hey, I enjoy reading your blog, the entries are so brilliant!

    sweet and sugars,

  15. She looks so amazing!
    Great post! :)

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  16. Don't. Yes, she has a strong personality, and I'm convinced she's very intelligent and smart, spoiled brat? I don't know...not up to me to judge. And def very pretty, but looking at these pictures or reading the article, I just think of her as someone who grew up and became a lot more confident, kind of finding her own voice. I have met her once though, not too recently ago, and personality wise she did not convince me or charmed me in any way. And even if you look at the pictures in your (btw well-written and interesting) her laugh/smile seems so unsincere that it puts a bad light on the clothes as well. Though I do agree with you that the first couple of pictures are stunning. so my props to her but mostly Mario Testino.
    That being said I do have a lot of respect for who she has become and her determination :)


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