Sonntag, 22. April 2012


It took me almost two years to think about the step of getting an own domain, which is driven only by me. 
From tomorrow onwards, you will be automatically directed to this page: 

However, you won't find any Google Friends Connect (GFC) over there. This is due to the fact that Google has restricted this widget for non-blogger pages, therefore I'm not allowed to install it over there (brakes my heart). 

That's why I finally set up my first FACEBOOK LIKE PAGE (after several major doubts), which you find here. I'd be more than happy if you joined me. You people mean a lot to me, I'd love to keep you updated and after all I don't want to miss you!  

I hope I can keep you as a visitor and reader and to receive your continuous feedback!

See you on La Pulcinella! :) 

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Samstag, 21. April 2012

Flowers & Corals

With the flower pattern trend reaching up to the peak this season, I couldn't help but to improvise it myself. Although I'm a little more careful since I still couldn't find any floral mix that I'd love to have all over my legs, top or anywhere else, I remembered this jacket I used to love when I was about 14. Once belonging to my mum, I never stopped simply adoring it for its material and the way it was designed. Velvet (one of the chicest and comfortable components you could get for a blazer) and another way of letting flowers decorate the piece make it unique and meanwhile add the typical Paul Smith twist to it. Being famous for his colourful designs, Smith has done an absolutely chic way of predicting and transforming an up-and coming trend. Although one most probably doesn't find me in such colours quite often, I still like this compostion. Coral is one of my absolute evergreenes and shows that soft tone, which the current pastel-colour-thing tries to do so hard. As some might have recognised, I did this post about the whole pastel hype and how much I just don't get the intention of some girls wearing it (to get a long story short: Super pale girls like me should stay away from pastels). However, and as already mentioned in the pastel-post, I additionally remembered my old sweater (which I fondly described as that kind of colour I get during turbulences in a plane), which just perfectly matches to same greenish-grayish kind of the flowers on Smith's jacket. I can't clearly describe this kind of colour but to let it sound a little more fashionable and charming I'd call it a slight wannabe-pastel-but-remaining-low-keyed-and-NOT-candy-glossy-looking green. Perfectly matching to the coral, I combined these beautiful earrings made of corals, I just recently purchased.

Jacket: Paul Smith
Pullover: Ralph Lauren
Pants: Zara
Earrings: Atelier Colori
Bangle: present from a friend
Bag: Chloe 
Shoes: Spada

Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Paisley Mix

I was in the mood for something more comfy yet not too casual just to find out that comfy can be really cold if the wind strives through London streets harshly than I ever experienced it before. Having Mondays and Tuesdays off gave me a very calm Welcome Back and therefore I decided to go on a little shopping tour (not really successful I can tell).
This dress is almost 2 years old and I still love it. Although it already represents that summer attitude, it still builds a cool contrast with the black grounding yet remains the romantic note of flowers mixed up with paisley (one of my evergreen patterns) and that slight quilling at the end.
I originally wanted to go for a pink nail polish, then decided to put on my lately purchased golden-green shimmerish one. Think this was a good idea.

Leather jacket: Hallhuber
Dress: Zara
Fur Vest: Vintage
Hat: H&M
Sunnies: Ralph Lauren
Bag: Balenciaga
Boots: Zara

Dienstag, 17. April 2012

The pastel hype & when you should face the truth!

Okay, here we go with another fashion hype that established itself down to the lowest level of retail. The pastel colour-mania slightly broke out last year and is slowly but surely reaching its climax - something I can just partially understand.
Maybe this is because I'm personally just not into candy-ice-creamy-supersweety colour shade, maybe I overkilled myself with that colour in kindergarden and primary school (still having my old sweater) or maybe I just developed a deep aversion against this trend since everyone seems to think it's wearable. Which is certainly not the case. Take me! Do I look like a slight shade of egg-yellow pastel tone is going to charm my teint? Does that candyglossy rose tone will flutter my hair colour? Do I look healthy in that toothpaste, oh it's recently called mint, coloured jacket? No!
Why? Because "Baby, I was born this way", which means that I'm a superwhite girl with superwhite girl problems! Therefore I'm having an outstanding pale skin (yeah, people tend to ask me whether I'm ill if I leave the house without putting some blush on my cheeks - hard reality, people!), which doesn't even allow me to think about pulling this or that outfit of Parisienne-gone-mad-on-des-nuances-pastelles kind of attitude.
The reason for this post won't deal with any kind of therapeutic approach to overcome the trauma of not being able to wear any pastel colours but to tell that there is not only me existing on this planet who should just not wear these kinds of colours. I'm already into my neon-phase, which I find brave enough (neon is just the big, fat sister of innocent pastel) but please could these people around me stop pulling some trends if they are just not fitting to it?! You and I don't look like beautiful porcelain dolls with these soft colours. We look dead.
I have that one, very old RL pullover in that weird greenish colour (no, not toothpaste but rather the colour I get when turbulences arrive during a flight) and I rarely wore it in the past (still hear my mum overdramatically saying "you never wore that...never....why did we buy it again!?"). And why? Because I look paler than pale. Beyond paleness - transparency?! I don't know. I will surely do an outfitpost with this pullover and one of my favourite pieces, an old Paul Smith velvet jacket. But besides from this (and my nail polish purchase at American Apparel a year ago - same greenish colour!), I won't do any effort to let this shade on myself. 
I know - we're all followers of the big trend factory and you can't deny. None of you can. Whether you try to be different or not - we're all somehow influenced by what is going on and what is meant to be so en vogue for the next season. Of course, each of us is trying to be different, crazily seeking for individual style and being creative and all that kind of anti-mainstream-way-of-thinking, that should distinguish you from the broad mass. But at the end of the day, we all try to transform a trend and sometimes it just FAILS. And that's where I'm coming back to this post's topic, where I just can't help myself but to shout out loud that those people with such a pale skin like me should simply STOP presenting themselves in these colours. Leave it out. Go for something different.
I'm fine with pastelcolours when I see them on people having the perfect skin type for it. You don't need to be dark-dark. You don't have to be from another origin than the middle European one to wear these shades perfectly. But at least you have to be slightly tanned. Just slightly. And maybe have some natural hair colour. Then it looks good, then you're fine, then you look like a beautiful flower that just opened itself during a sunny day in spring.
But other than that? Catastrophe! This view doesn't only apply to me and the rest of the palest people on earth but also to those of us having an all-day-all-night card at some tanning studio. And to fulfill the discriminating colour trend: If your body is not in perfect shape (which applies to several examples during my daily tube rides), then  you should rethink that trend as well. Nothing more to add here.
But other than this, I can assure you that being born with such a skin type and not being able to wear this, is not as hard as it seems to be. It's just that thing that others should understand that this is not doable (as much as we all want it to be). Having said this, I will surely update my personal view on pastel colours with the above promised someday-outfit and will possibly be either able to demonstrate how to wear some elements of pastels in a fair way... or to show the world that it's simply impossible for some people to follow this trend. We'll see.

If you still think that plain pastel colours will look perfect on people like methen you should take a look at the following pictures.
(The girls queuing outside have probably thought that I'm an insane person with no friends and a huge Topshop-giftcard-voucher, which I'm about to hand in for 300 pieces of pastel coloured stuff. The "best stylings" are shown below. Let me entertain you)
Just ignore the left side of this picture. It just happened. 
No words for this. 
The casual business bubblegum. 
cropped shirts - another thing I HATE! 
Trying the typical pose. Even failing with this. 
Sad Anna & the mean wall

Montag, 16. April 2012


Just came back to London yesterday and discovered that the weather is not as it was expected. While I spent some semi-sunny times in Zürs/Lech and Salzburg (more sunny times over there), I thought that at least my city would be in some spring-mood. But no. Gatwick Airport welcomed me with heavy rain and luggage that gained approximately another 20 kg after I sent it off, which let me change my clothes the moment I entered my four walls (as I once said - leaving the tube & feeling as I just left the rain forest behind). 
That's why I spontaneously put on my very casual look to do all the things you're expected to do when nobody cared about your place the past two weeks (including cleaning, washing, first try-outs of ironing, feeling like a real desperate housewife while discovering that my favourite grocery store closed already... all these kind of things - totally feeling like a grownup ;)).
One of these typical lazy Sunday and no life-having outfits. 

Trench: Zara
Oversized shirt: Zara
Oversized tanktop: Blue Tattoo
Leggings: Zara
Wellies: Steve Madden
Scarf: Vintage
Bangle: Tiffany & Co.
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Bag: H&M
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